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Welcome to 'The Honeysuckle Homestead' for 2014

Due to a series of mink/ferret/stoat/polecat attacks over the last few nights, and having had 26 birds killed with more injured, the Homestead will NOT be open to the public until furthur notice. All the birds have been moved back inside whilst fencing/trapping is undertaken. Sorry for any inconvenience caused especially over Easter weekend. I will let you know as soon as it is safe for the birds to return to the enclosure and things are getting back to normal. Kindest regards, Corrine

This year things at the Homestead are changing a bit.

For 2014 we will be focusing on breeding the waterfowl, which consists of 28 different breeding groups. Having sold off all the poultry breeding groups in 2013 we have decided on 13 breeding groups of various colours and breeds which will be reintroduced back into the homestead come March/April.

For more information on the waterfowl and poultry breeds we keep, click on the respective breeds pages in the menu bar.

As well as the chickens and ducks here at the homestead we are now home to the following: 1 beautiful 2 year old quarter horse x knabstrupper girl, Zizi, two stunning little miniature shetland boys: Jasper and Jaro, two little golden guernsey boys: Quiver and August, one gorgeous skewbald, 4 year old cob, Sid, two brecon buff geese, three giant continental rabbits: Eyton, Iza and Periwinkle, 4 little lady cats: Nari, Azra, Sexy and Captain and not forgetting our now 10 month old german shepherd boy, Kofu.

As of 19th April 2014 the homestead will be open to the public 6 days a week, Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-6pm.

Admittance is £2.00 per person, just park up and take a walk around the 4 acre smallholding, wonder through the poultry and waterfowl breeding pens, past the ponds and through the coppice, meeting all the Homestead's inhabitants along the way. Why not bring a picnic and make a day of it, there are picnic tables dotted around the smallholding for your convenience.

To take a quick glance at all the animals here at the homestead click on the 'Other Inhabitants' page located in the menu bar. Alternatively if it is chickens, ducks or hatching eggs you are after just click on the tabs below.







All Breeds have their own page off the respective pages:'Poultry', 'Waterfowl ' or 'Other Inhabitants' pages. Throughout the year we will have offspring for sale from the majority of the enclosure inhabitants. Details of which will be on their breed pages.

Please feel free to browse around the website, if you have any comments or suggestions don't hesitate to get in touch.


From 1st of March I am aiming to have hatching eggs and ducklings available from the majority of duck breeds, hatching eggs and chicks available from the chicken breeds will be available from 1st April.

If you would like to pop by for a closer look at the various breeds and to get an idea of which might suite your requirements best before 1st April just drop me a call or email and we can arrange a time and date.

Visitors are strictly by appointment only until 1st April 2014.


Broody splash cochin hen